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A look at the past years 
video by The Roly Polys

Tatyana Kot and Ivette Dumeng 
for play Mata Hari. 

The Listening Room

November- December 2019

"Nylon Fusion's The Listening Room is a
Thrilling Dystopian Drama..."

"I wasn't sure what to expect from The Listening Room at the New Ohio Theatre. But here's what I got: a high stakes, edge-of-my-seat, thrilling yet somehow poetic dystopian drama".

ray gun say0nara

November- December 2019

...getting hit with a ray gun is dope as hell; getting hit with this ray gun certainly is. ---- Culture Catch

Tales With Teeth plays by Don Nigro

July 18 - August 2, 2018

“Guaranteed to Terrify your inner child”  Nominated for 8 Planet Connections Awards.

TBO This Round's On Us

June 27 - July 15, 2018

'These impressive programs of plays represent just a fraction of the work Nylon Fusion has produced in recent years. In The Best Of, directors Janet Bentley, Ivette Dumeng, and Lori Kee juggle an energetic, talented ensemble in fourteen fabulous pieces". -- Theatre In The Now

Luft Gangster Dir. by Austin Pendleton (Off Broadway)

March - April 2017

“… provocative and compelling”
Huffington Post

Tramp On Tightrope with Monkeys

November 4, 2017

"'s an impeccable performance. Hips out, back arched, feet spread, shoes on the wrong feet. Ivette Dumeng did her homework to create a seamless characterization of Charlie Chaplin." - Theater In The Now

The Chaplin Plays: A Double Feature

March 2016

"The Chaplin Plays is one of those theatrical events that will leave you beyond satisfied. " - Theater In The Now

Comes A Faery


"Comes a Faery is an engaging play that analyzes themes that are recurrent in our lives and gives them a twist by allowing a child's inventiveness and the 'what if?' of fantasy to shine through on stage." Theatre Is Easy

Half Moon Bay


Captivating and intriguing, this new drama challenges audiences to consider the value of lives built and nurtured, and if they are worth shaking up. - Theatre Scene



"The entire cast works beautifully and seamlessly, as secrets unfold and dark layers, beneath perky personalities, explode." - Roberta On The Arts

A Date With History


John Patrick Shanley and Nylon Fusion Theatre Company hosted a gala celebration honoring Drama Desk and Obie Award-winning, Tony Award-nominated director, actor, playwright, and instructor Austin Pendleton along with Obie Award and Tony Award-winner Anika Noni Rose. 

The Big Funk


"I can only imagine countless companies reading this script and scratching their heads furiously, wondering how they can stage such a challenging piece and still hit all the necessary cords." - Artsware

A Snowfall in Berlin


"Nigro’s play juxtaposes universal truths with modern delusions in a way that illuminates our current culture that houses both." –

Luft Gangster


“Haunting and moving, Byers, Pendleton, and Nylon Fusion have quite a power 
piece here.  One that is sure to move you.” - The Artswire


“This is a well-written, tough play dealing powerfully with a tough subject. The ensemble acting is exemplary.” –

Love Gone Bad


New Plays by Neil LaBute, Robert Askins, Kristina Poe and Don Nigro. Benefit for ASPCA

Incendiary Agents


“[Incendiary Agents] urges us to assess the value of an individual’s effort in the face of full-scale war and the likelihood of his or her attainability of justice.” - Inside New York 



"The stark staging and lighting create a feeling of darkness, quite apt for the play, and when Tatyana Kot (Marina) ventures into the audience to interact with those watching, an intimacy is created of which director Ivette Dumeng should be truly proud."- Fringe Review

Mata Hari


"The actress and dancer portrays the sensual dancer and accused spy Mata Hari for the Nylon Fusion Theatre Company." - The Daily News

Miss Hope's


"It’s the circle of life, Miss Hope’s, a slice of reality we encounter on every corner wherever we go, truthfully portrayed." Review Fix

Nylon Masquerade


Special event at Causey Comtemporary with Performances by Ted Nash.

You Are Here


"By definition this is experimental work but manages to feel like a well made play."



Paper Dragon


“Nylon Fusion Collective is a young company comprising two core groups of artists, one in London and one in NYC. It didn’t take long for me to recognize that these are talented folks.”

– BACKSTAGE Erik Haagensen

Wisdom Of Obscurity


"Playwright Elliot Joseph has definitely written a play with staying power." Big Vision Empty Wallet

John Patrick Shanley Hosts Fudraising Event


With special performances by Wynton Marsalis and Ted Nash 

Fuente Ovejuna


“This production of Fuente Ovejuna has within it much that can resonate with a contemporary audience,- Inside New York 

Nylon Fusion Fundraising event hosted by Paul Haggis.


Performance by Wynton Marsalis and Ted Nash.

A Midsummer Night's Dream


“Think you know Shakespeare? Seen it all, have you? Not quite like this, you haven’t. Nylon Fusion's new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream reworks the Bard into a condensed — yet utterly complete — interactive format, where the audience decides each night which actors will play each part.- Flavorpill

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Luft Gangster by Lowell Byers Directed by Austin Pendleton

This Round's On Us
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