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Incendiary Agents 
by Jack Karp
Directed by Peter Jensen
Featuring: Nick Walkonis, Eric Rice, Josh Sienkiewicz, Laura Pruden, Jamie Neumann, Alexei Bondar, and Alex C Ferrill
Set Designer by D. Schuyler Burks
Lighting Designer by Dan Stearns
Sound Designer Andy Cohen
Costume Designer Sherry Martinez
Assistant Director and Stage Manager Janet Bentley
Assistant Stage Manager Ryun Hubbs
Propsmaster Judi Swartout
Publicist Lanie Zipoy
Technical Director Nate Frieswyk


At the height of the Vietnam War, two brothers attempt a daring nighttime raid to sabotage the draft, but when their plan goes awry, they are each forced to choose between the principles they set out to defend and the people they care about.

On March 5th we had a free Q & A with activits Laura Whitehorn and Joanne Sheehan from The War Resisters League 

“[Incendiary Agents] urges us to assess the value of an individual’s effort in the face of full-scale war and the likelihood of his or her attainability of justice.”
“… you’re almost guaranteed to be swept up in the story for the believability of this talented group of actors.    – Inside New York
[Incendiary Agents] shakes us, as a good rollercoaster ride should, and it leaves us a lot to ponder whether we are interested in politics or not. – ReviewFix

Audience Comments:


“See this play. Unique. Daring. Enlightening.”- Nasayano Evan Mcgrady


“Thanks so much for inviting me to such a powerful and moving evening of theatre. I thoroughly enjoyed INCENDIARY AGENTS. Thanks for letting me know about it. I was quite moved and woke up thinking about many of the themes and questions that the play addresses. Thanks again, and have a killer run.” –  K.Lorrel Manning


“OMG!! I’ve just seen a wonderful production of a very fine play. Kudos to all involved. It did to me exactly what I always hope the very best theatre of conscience will do but only very rarely does. Wow”– Laurence Cantor


“I thought the show was well produced in every aspect.  The script, the direction, the acting and design.  A really involving story, brought to life with artistry.  I was glad I saw it.” – Rob McCaskill


“Saw it once. Saw it again. I don’t even do that with good movies. If you were born before 1970, you should see it. If after 1970, should see it.” - David Elliott 


“I was thrilled to be with the cast and the writer’s dialogue and sharp sense of character for those two hours. I was also thrilled to have a serious play about enduring issues of ways to protest, the kinds of responses they get from the powers that be, and the toll going against official policy takes on people. The individual performances were so compelling.” – Peter Judd


“I thought ‘Incendiary Agents’ was beautifully done and very moving. I had heard really good things about Nylon Fusion, but the work speaks for itself. I know that the work at Nylon Fusion really pushes boundaries and explores social issues.  It honestly sounds like exactly the kind of theater company that I would want to be a part of. Collaborating with talented, creative people and creating work that is relevant and impactful is what inspires me about acting. It would be amazing to get involved with Nylon Fusion in what ever way that I can.  — D.Garelik

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