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​PLAYWRIGHTS: Submit your work.

Nylon loves playwrights. There are a few projects you can submit for. We produce new plays of political social and cultural awareness. So take a risk or two - click HERE for more information.

192 Lexington Avenue #2009

New York, NY 10016


Donate Now.

We can't survive on air alone. Nylon depends on the kindness of strangers. Please make a tax deductible contribution. Click HERE

​AUDITIONS: Submit yourself.

Casting for This Round’s On Us? The casting process for our festivals is done through our company. We don’t post auditions for them. But there are times that we are looking for a specific role to fill. If you are interested in participating in our festival. Click HERE 

DIRECTOR: Directing opportunities.

Thank you for your interest. If you would like to submit for directing.

Email us at

Subject Line: Directing with Nylon

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