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World Premiere
by Joseph Samuel Wright

Directed by Montserrat Mendez
Featured: Rick Zahn, Jeanine Bartel, Jimmy Betts,
Heather E. Cunningham, Danielle Boivin, Meghan E. Jones
and Christina Toth. 

Stage manager Laura Malseed
Costumes design by Debbi Hobson
Sound by Andy Evan Cohen
Set design by Kyu Shin
Lighting design by Gilbert Peatro.

Theatre 54 
244 West 54th Street
April 2nd through April 18th. 

Part shameless exposé of the darker side of the California sunshine, part comedy of manners set in the gears of the 1930s Hollywood dream machine, with familiar echoes in our current celebrity obsessed culture, and in part an homage to the fast talking films of the era, Unmentionables is in turns bitingly funny and heart wrenching, as LA power brokers and those who depend on them for their lives maneuver to get what they want while trying to keep their secrets secret. 





...enjoying “Unmentionables” as a work of art," - Review Fix



"The entire cast works beautifully and seamlessly, as secrets unfold and dark layers, beneath perky personalities, explode.  Roberta on The Arts



"Saw a most wonderful and enjoyable theatre production tonight entitled "Unmentionables" by Joseph Samuel Wright. Nylon Fusion Theatre Company had made tremendous efforts in putting this gem of a play on it's feet and it is well worth it. So if you are in the mood for some good theatre in Midtown Manhattan please do yourself a favour and go and see this play." - D. Deutsh


"Wonderful show today! Great, surprising story, beautifully acted and directed. Great set and great staging. Congratulations!!!"

- C. Shaw


"I saw this play last night. Great original writing, terrific performances, superb directing. I loved every moment. See this play. You will not be disappointed!" C. Cardona


I saw a wonderful production by Nylon Fusion Theatre Company called "Unmentionables". They close this Saturday so go see it before!! It's a brand new play set in Hollywood in 1937. It's funny, sharp, surprising, well cast, well directed and acted and all designs and costumes are spot on. GOOD THEATER YAY!! - K. Lou

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