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"There’s something majestic, in how hard it steers right for the guardrails." Vulture New York Magazine

"Candlelight, receives its world premiere at the New Ohio Theatre in the daring and competent hands of Nylon Fusion Theatre Company."

"Candlelight is charming"- Stage Buddy


“Candlelight” was a beautiful and heartbreaking play about young love and trauma that will leave audiences with feeling of joy and overwhelming sorrow all wrapped up in a beautiful little package." - OnStage

"Keep your eye on Nylon Fusion Theatre Company" - Front Row and Center

"I was captivated. The story is sad and beautiful, the acting superb, the dancing divine, the set changes magical." - Blogs Critics

"Candlelight, is associated with love, which in the play is, if not many-splendored, then certainly multifarious—transformative love; parental love; lost love; unrequited love; dangerous love; a link, or in some cases a tether, to the past and a hope, however well-founded, for the future." - Thinking Theater

"The main draw of this production directed by Lori Kee is a terrifically appealing cast." - New York Theater

"Candlelight is a provocative new work that defies the signature style of its acclaimed writer. If you’re in the market for something different and challenging, with themes that delve into serious issues of psychology and sociopathy with imagination and theatricality, this is a show to be seen and pondered." 

"A compelling cast of six fully embraces the troubled characters and unbridled visions of Shanley’s tale." - DC Metro

"Nylon Fusion Theatre Company has given the play a highly professional production." - Theater Scene 

"This is an intriguingly written work that is being given a bravura production." - Talkin' Broadway

World Premiere Play by 
John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Lori Kee
The New Ohio
154 Christopher Street NYC


November 27th, 2021 - December 19th, 2021

Featuring: John Cencio Burgos, Alfredo Diaz, Ivette Dumeng, Marc Reign, Darlene Tejeiro, Christina Toth.

Candlelight is a Nuyorican comic romantic tragedy covered with magic and dipped in Brooklyn blood. 


Set Design: Elizabeth Chaney
Lighting Design: Wilburn Bonnell
Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen 
Costume Design: Janet Mervin

Projection Design: Janet Bentley

Assistant Director: Michelle Cuizon 
Stage Manager: Ali Walensky

Movement: Tatyana Kot

Fight Choreography: Randall Rodriguez

Understudies: Taylor Graves & Randall Rodriguez


"A playwright’s work always begins at home, so initially, the isolation caused by the pandemic felt familiar. But then the intensity of the city’s silence brought something new out of me,” Shanley told Forbes. “A ten-year-old Nuyorican girl appeared in the center of my imagination, and the play Candlelight exploded outward from there. The play shocked me. It was like nothing I’d written, full of magic, music, and strange visitations. I contacted the Nylon Fusion Theater. I’d done a number of one-acts with them, and they were quite adventurous.” - Forbes Magazine

“I’ve been working with Nylon Fusion Theatre for several years,” said Shanley in an earlier statement. “The artistic director, Ivette Dumeng, is a Nuyorican director, actor, producer, and force of nature. Her company of actors, writers, and directors are the multi-cultural face of New York. They do theatre because they love it. They are the true believers, and the productions they do reflect that abiding faith and joy. Candlelight is very much a New York play, and Nylon Fusion is a genuine, scruffy, big-hearted New York theatre company.” - Playbill

"Shanley has been collaborating with Nylon Fusion for several years because he loves that it's "a genuine, scruffy, big-hearted New York theatre company." Unsurprisingly, Candlelight is also set in the Big Apple, a Nuyorican neighborhood in Brooklyn to be exact, as a pair of 10-year-olds fall into something deeper and more dangerous than love." TDF

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