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The Big Funk

by John Patrick Shanley

directed by Lori Kee


Starred: Meghan Jones, Joshua Sienkiewicz , Jacob Troy, 
Paul Walling and Ivette Dumeng

Live Music by THE ROLY POLYS!


Set Design by Cassie Dorland
Lighting Design by Wilburn Bonnell
Costume Design by Debbi Hobson
Stage Manager (BF): Katy Moore*


March 12th - April 17th 2014

The Big Funk (which is playing in rep with Don Nigro’s A Snowfall in Berlin) is an odd mixture of absurdist comedy and drama, individual scenes mixing into a bigger ensemble piece.  All of which builds up to a play that doesn’t feel like every day fare, and truly has some beautiful things to say.  I can only imagine countless companies reading this script and scratching their heads furiously, wondering how they can stage such a challenging piece and still hit all the necessary cords.  Luckily for us, Nylon Fusion doesn’t seem to have faced that problem as the play, directed by Lori Kee, moves along effortlessly, consistently engaging you and pulling you into inspired directions.- Artsware
“The actors take THE BIG FUNK and shake it, twist it, stomp on it, milking every line and every action for brilliant effect. They unite to create a yummy ensemble performance that makes sense out of nonsense, when that’s possible. The rest is just a trip through that crazy amusement park called The Mind. Never a dull moment there. And there’s Vaseline.” -Karen D’Onofrio-
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