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William Shakespeare’s
A Midsummer
Night’s Dream
Directed by Andy Goldberg

from June 26 to August 9 2008
in various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.



Caroline Barad, Katherine Barron, Joel Brady,

Ivette Dumeng, Alex Dunbar, Joseph Elliot, Seth James, Jennifer LeBlanc, Patrick Mellen, Miriam Mintz, Justin Maruri, Anna Savant, Ina Smith, Johnny Ramey, James Smith III, Galit Sperling, Michael Stock and Adia Tucker. 


“Nylon Fusion Collective performed a dynamic retelling of William Shakespeare’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. Beginning in the spring the production was workshopped weekly with director Andy Goldberg (The Bomb-itty of Errors), choreographer Josie Bray, and various visiting industry professionals. Performed in thirteen site-specific locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. For this 90 minute production the 19 actors learned three or more roles, three new iPod playlists were created for each show’s soundtrack, and the audience chose who the actors portrayed and what music they heard moments before the performance began. Some performances included live improvised jazz music and acoustic guitar. The opening weekend included tribute playlists to the late Michael Jackson. Each show was different and full of surprises!”       


Poster Designed by Kim Dunne

The first year of our company (2007) we held readings of plays.


“Think you know Shakespeare? Seen it all, have you? Not quite like this, you haven’t. Nylon Fusion Collective’s new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream reworks the Bard into a condensed — yet utterly complete — interactive format, where the audience decides each night which actors will play each part. It’s literally a different show every performance, as all the actors have been tasked with learning at least three different parts. Add to that the fact that this guerrilla troupe performs in a different space (chocolate shops, parks, bars, and art galleries) each time, and you’ve got a dizzying number of theatrical possibilities. Co-founded by Brit Elliot Joseph and Brooklynite Ivette Dumeng, the company deftly transforms the play with both whimsy and a good deal of bravery.”


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