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Award Winning
Luft Gangster

by Lowell Byers

Directed by

Austin Pendleton 

at The Dorothy Strelsin Theatre


 Based on a series of interviews between the playwright and his cousin, Louis Fowler, LUFT GANGSTER follows the story of Lou from the time he had to bail out of his B-24 Liberator in March, 1944, through the 13 months he spent as a prisoner of war in Stalag Luft VI. 


Starred: Noel Joseph Allain, Gabe Bettio, Paul Bomba, Christopher Burke, Lowell Byers, Ralph Byers, Kyle DeSpiegler, 

Seth James, Casandera M.J. Lollar, Eyal Sherf


Set Design: Tijana Bjelajac
Lighting Design: Alicia Mangelsdorf
Sound Design: Jeanne Travis
Costume Design: Debbi Hobson
PropsMaster: Greg Kanyicska
Assistant Director and Stage Manager: Montserrat Mendez
Casting: Judy Bowman


“Haunting and moving, Byers, Pendleton, and Nylon Fusion have quite a power piece here. One that is sure to move you.”
- The Artswire
“This is a well-written, tough play dealing powerfully with a tough subject. The ensemble acting is exemplary.” -
“Luft Gangster is a moving, warm play marked by bravery, camaraderie, and a loving look into the bond formed by good men in impossible circumstances. The show is thrilling, seamless, and real. Go to Luft Gangster and you will laugh, cry, and be impressed by the immaculate product of talented artists coming together under a clear vision.”- Theatre is Easy
“Honesty, courage and loyalty are virtues valuable both during war and at times of peace. ... these are just a few things that make Luft Gangster memorable and exciting to watch." -- ReviewFix



“Luft Gangster” is the word Joseph Goebbels created as propaganda to convince the German people that all American flyers were actual criminals who were released from prison by the United States government in order to fight in World War II. Interview of Lou Fowler:

Our Audience Speaks
“Watching a recent production of Lowell Byers’ LUFT GANGSTER was an eye opening experience for me. Though the theatre was smallish, it couldn’t constrain the size and depth of the piece, a tribute to both Austin Pendleton’s inspired direction and Mr. Byers’ elegantly woven story. As I watched, I kept thinking that the play should feel “old-fashioned”, but it didn’t... at all. It felt relevant, heartfelt and emotionally intelligent. Well written. Well acted. Well directed. As soon as it was over, it made me want to do something I rarely ever want to do. It made me want to write. _ Alexander Dinelaris - Playwright/Screenwriter
“Such a powerful, moving script and production. This is a show not to be missed. Congrats to all the actors, director, producer and everyone involved.” _ Donna Ross
“Really, REALLY terrific production. Not just a terrific performance, not just a terrific script - everything was very well done. Congrats!” _ Cat Parker - Director
“What an incredible show, congrats Lowell, you had us all gripped from the first minute, this is genius work and should be on Broadway. I loved it and so did my friends” _ Monica Wolfson
“From the moment the lights dimmed to the deserved standing ovation some two hours later, we were treated to an extraordinary demonstration of all pervasive theatrical talent. Writing, casting, direction, production and acting appeared to have individually demanded the very best of their specialty and then conspired as a team to present an experience that their peers should envy, and one that left this attendee convinced of having been in the right place at the right time in order to witness something very special. An upfront summary perhaps but allow me to elaborate. ” Courtesy of Tony Child
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