World Premiere
ray gun say0nara
a sci-fi play with songs
by Steven Mark Tenney
Directed by Janet Bentley
December 4 - December 22, 2019
@ The New Ohio Theatre 

Buck Law helms a dark-ops sci-fi adventure. Mission: to extract Brad Mayhem from an alien world he has inadvertently turned into a never-ending Princess Prom. With original songs and score to accompany the existential crises.

Featuring: Timothy Babcock*, Dan Chen, Ivette Dumeng, Alexa Elmy, Olaf Eide, Melina Finck, Jacquelyn Avery Greenspan*, Erin Grant,  Theresa Johnson, Kelsey Lea Jones, Lizzie Kehoe, *Justy Kosek, Joel Henry Little, Joyce Miller, Sam Ogilvie, Jean Louise O’Sullivan*, Laura Pruden*, Sean Leigh Phillips, Mike Roche*, Randall Rodriguez*, Jenna Vezina, Rich Wisneski

Dancers: Ayaka Yoshimoto, Madisen Nielsen, Yukari Osaka,
Giorgia Riccardi.

Score:  Topu Lyo, Mike Thies (Live Footage) 

Songs (Music and Lyrics):  Steven Mark Tenney

Music Director:  Joel Little

Costume Design:  Janet Mervin

Choreography:  Yukari Osaka

Set Design:  Raye Levine

Lighting Design:  Gilbert Lucky Pearto

Props/ Co Set Design:  LiLi Jackson

Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen

Arranging: David Tenney

Saxophone: Danny Meyer

Chor Conductor: Rich Wisneski

Additional Musical Contributions:  
Joel Henry Little, David Tenney, Susan Tenney

Poster Design: Jasu Hu

Stage Manager: Daniel Brothers