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World Premiere Play:
Miss Hope's 
by Alisha Silver, Kate Mulley, Jack Karp & Joseph Samuel Wright
Directed by David Triacca
June 23rd - June 3rd, 2011
@ American Theatre of Actors
Featured: Katherine Barron, Rachel Buethe, Chris Cardona, Madison Comerzan, Michael Karp, Dave Hanson, Stephanie Heitman, Joshua Hinck, Dustin Kerns, Ellen Lacy, Kesley Mahoney, Laura Pruden, Donna Ross.

““Paralyzed by the promise of the American Dream, “Miss Hope’s” explores the funny and sometimes tragic lives of a few who eat and work at Miss Hope’s, a small-town diner in rural America. Covering two decades of American politics, their hope for the future is a march from innocence, through temptation, to virtue or vice reminding us that with broken promises come broken dreams.”


Stage Manager: Rachel Gordon 
Set Designer: Robert Lee Simmons

Lighting Design: Daisy Long

Costume Designer: Chris Clarke







“The most fascinating thing the audience sees is that no matter how much the cook wants to get rid of the customer and how much the old man refuses to go home, they will make peace in the end, and the next day it will be the same story all over again. It’s the circle of life, “Miss Hope’s,” a slice of reality we encounter on every corner wherever we go, truthfully portrayed. There is this waitress from a small Southern town who works in an New York City restaurant and takes acting classes when off duty. You probably notice her accent but know nothing about her, even though she serves you coffee every morning. But if you think about it, like you, she has something to strive for, something that brings meaning to life. Watching “Miss Hope’s,” you surely recall that waitress and value her more.” –  ReviewFix


Audience Comments 

“I was so glad I could make the show last night.  I was particularly delighted with the third act because of the lively writing: the jousting interchanges between Michael Karp and Angel Garcia and that terrific turn by your company member, Stephanie Heitman. I counted seventeen people in the cast, and there is the stage manager and the ticket seller and the bar. What an operation and excellent set. So congratulations! I was in the southwest somewhere near Clovis, I gather, and then out onto 54th Street. Good illusion.“ – Peter Judd



“I thought your show was beautiful.  Terrific actors.  Plenty of moments.  Life insights.  Political observations.  Lots of laughs.  And an awesome set.  All directed with intelligence and a light touch. And produced with flair and grace.”-  Rob McCaskill




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