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World Premiere
A Snowfall In Berlin
by Don Nigro

Directed by Shaun Peknic


Starred: Brandi Bravo, Don Carter*, Stephanie Heitman, Tatyana Kot, Jessica Vera*, Eric Percival.


Set Design by Cassie Dorland
Lighting Design by Wilburn Bonnell
Costume Design by Debbi Hobson
Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen
Stage Manager (BF): Laura Hirshberg


March 10th- April 16th 2014

“Director Shaun Peknic cast a tight ensemble of strong and sexy actors who assist in suspending the whodunit of the play with their slick delivery and manipulative appeals for sympathy. Sound designer, Andy Evan Cohen, set designer, Cassie Dorland and lighting designer, Wilburn Bonnell successfully collaborate on making Nigro’s world a reality – one that is carefully balanced and blurred between violence and seduction.” – NY THEATER NOW
“Writer DON NIGRO makes his play a set of Russian dolls, each revealing the paradoxes of love, power, and survival in a cold world. That world is both in our minds and the minds and bodies of those surrounding us, past, present, and future. Like oil pooled on water, the colors are vague yet enticing, the image constantly shifting. But there is nothing vague about the philosophies presented, the life stories revealed, or the clarity of the debate as the actors claw their way toward the truth. NIGRO has taken an incredibly intricate clash of personalities and swirled it into a conclusion as clear, and as cold,as ice.” -Karen D’Onofrio-
“Nylon Fusion brings together a stunning ensemble of remarkable actors for this intricate play. Nigro’s language is beautiful. The dialogue flows, layers, and overlaps creating a dramatic poetry that washes over the audience. The eccentric characters are distinct and fully realized despite their stock roles. Among the many philosophical touchstones of the text, I was particularly drawn to a poignant discussion of competence versus genius. Nigro’s play juxtaposes universal truths with modern delusions in a way that illuminates our current culture that houses both.” –
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