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World Premiere Play: 
Wisdom of Obscurity 
by Elliot Joseph
Directed by Mahayanna Landowe
April 14th-30th, 2011
at Manhattan Theatre Source
Featured: Nnamudi Amobi, Jonathan Blakeley, Mac Brydon, Kaia Foss, Alfred Gingold, Elliot Joseph, Lauren Swann

Stage Manager: Hannah fogler

Lighting Design: Lee Terry

Sound Design: Karen Derby

Set Design: Brian Saxton

Costume: Karla Almendarez


Sammy is looking for change. The grocery store has raised their prices, and after reading the Tao Te Ching, he is about to take a stand. He has two roommates Amelia and Kes, who used to date each other and still sleep in the same bed.  Sammy’s girlfriend Vanessa is debating becoming a lesbian and Vince, an offbeat rich poet friend of Sammy’s, is struggling to come to terms with his heritage. Are they all looking for the same thing? Victor is a Jewish middle-aged man who wishes he could go back, wishes he never hated or stopped living his life.  Can they find a cure?”




Video by Joseph Elliot


"Playwright Elliot Joseph has definitely written a play with staying power." FULL REVIEW


“Dedicated to cultivating transatlantic work and collaboration, NyLon Fusion isn’t your average off off Broadway theatre company; they are ambitious and broad. Co-founded by Elliot Joseph and Ivette Dumeng, NyLon Fusion simultaneously produces shows, retains a company of actors, and supports a writers collective to develop new works. Their current project brings all of these elements into focus.



These are two lovely scripts, played out in brilliant and very different ways, both dealing with issues of life and death, direction, and overcoming our own selves. This company is excited and passionate about creating work, and it comes across in these exciting, passionate productions. This is truly worthwhile independent theatre.”

– THEATRE IS EASY (in rep with Wisdom of Obscurity

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