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Candlelight SIDES

Candlelight is a Nuyorican comic romantic tragedy covered with magic and
dipped in Brooklyn blood. You’ve never seen this play before. 



25 to 35 years old. Adult playing a 10 Year old. A Nuyorican tragic hero, poetic, on a spiritual and romantic quest.


40 to 50 years old, Hispanic male. An Adult playing an adult. Hector a Puerto Rican transplanted to New York. By day a caring father. By night a demonic predator.


40's, Female. An adult playing an adult. Colette a witchy presence from Martinique. She is Esperanza's mother and a ghost that haunts her. +


The accent in Martinique is smooth and the intonation is rhythmic and beautiful. Most people from Martinique tend to use standard French, sometimes mixed with some words in Antillean Creole (a French-based language that includes elements of Carib and African languages).


25 to 35 years old, Hispanic male. An Adult playing a 10 Year old. A Nuyorican, he is vulnerable, an uncertain sweetheart who ultimately goes to the dark.


25-35 Years Old, Female. She is Canadian. A spritely dancer covered in Pixie Dust.



25-35 Years Old, Female. Nuyorican. An adult playing a 10 Year old.  The epitome of the life-force, a beacon of hope and positivity in a cold world.

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