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This Round’s On Us:
Valentine’s Day (2012)

at The Gene Frankel 
Feb 14-15 2012 @ 7PM and 9PM


Chattin’ With Judy by Ross Evans
Directed By Alisha Silver
Alec Head, Sarah Natochenny


The Importance of Being a Bitch by Alexander Kveton
Directed By Robert Verlaque
Heather Massie, Sara Goff, Cyrus Salvia, Kelly Buxton


Dodger by Hal Corley
Directed by Aaron Netsky
 Paco Lozano and Kevin Melendez


Working at the AMC by Alisha Silver
Directed By Kevin MelendezStarring: Douglas Giorgis,  Sarah Doe Osborne


Scrambler by Douglas Williams 
Directed by Robert Verlaque
 Lulu Fogarty, Seth James


Couples Therapy by Matthew Growley
Directed by Lori Kee
 Jacob Troy and Nina Fry


Mary, Mary by Joseph Samuel Wright
Directed by Jessica Creane
 Kate Garfield, Caroline Bloom


Multiple Choice by Jack Karp
Directed by Christopher Jenkins
 Ben Steel, Andrea Steiner and Justin Maruri


Pretty Fucking Perfect by Cassie M. Seinuk
Directed by Lori Kee
 Kaia Foss, Dave Hanson


Perplex Appeal by Adair Moran
Directed by Cretchen Ferris
Aaron Netsky, Sabina Maschi, John Keabler


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