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This Round's On Us

Time Travel

1950's - 1960's (2015)

A psychedelic trip through the nuclear tension of the
dangerous, dynamic, dynamite 1950s and 60s.  

*Hosted by Bonnie Cannon-Brown & Alex Ferrill

Face Value by David Csontos
Directed by Janet Bentley
Lori Kee and Jacques Mitchell 

Elvis at Auschwitz by Matthew Wells

Directed by Lori Kee
 Michael Markham, Robert McEvily
and Ryan Blackwell.

Muffin by Isidore Elias
Directed by Melissa Skirboll
 Clyde Baldo, Danielle Boivin,
Jeanine Bartel, Ben Gougeon

May 10 by Jane Prendergast
Directed by Lori Kee
 Evan Silverman, Emily Cannon- Brown, Randall Rodriquez and Lucas Beck

It's all Make-Believe isn't it? by Sharon Pollock
Directed by Montserrat Mendez
 Helen Herbert and Gina LeMoine

Operation Midnight Climax! by Ron Burch
Directed David Triacca
Daniel Deutsch and Eric Rice

Turnupseed, Mushroom Cloud by John F. Sarno.
Directed Ivette Dumeng
Malachy Silva, Carlotta Bentran, Noriko Sato  

Who Is Left by David Meyers 
Directed by Whitney Gail Aronson  
Ben Schnickel and Lulu Fogarty

My Life As a Circus Baby by Jeanette D. Farr
Directed by Nicholas Alexiy Moran 
Zach Miko and Lauren Hennessy

Go-go Boots by Ted Nash 
Directed by Ivette Dumeng
Alex Ferrill and Samantha Strelitz
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