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Time Travel 
1900's - 1920's (2015)

Featuring Puzzo and Nigro!

February 20-21 at 7PM and 9PM

Nylon Fusion does it again. We bring you once again the festival of short plays and none other than -

Hosted by Lori Kee and Daniel Glover 

A Step Back by Matt Crowley
Directed by Crystal Edn
Jacob Troy, Mariel Donnelly, Anthony Aibel

APRIL 2ND, 1902 by Michael Panes
Directed by Glory Kadigan
Alyssa Block and Thomas Wesson

The Big Ass Russian Novel by Jake Rosenberg
Directed by Janet Bentley
Tatyana Kot, Javan Nelson, Irina Abraham,
Martin Boersman

Night Out by Andrea Steiner
Directed by Shira Lee Shalit
Helen Herbert and Rachael Tice

Beatrix Potter Must Die! by Patrick Gabridge
Directed by Joan Kane
Randy Noojin, Lori Kee, Paul Nugent

Front Porch by Don Nigro
Directed by Lori Kee

Sober Sue by Andy Evan Cohen
Directed by Ivette Dumeng
Stephanie Heitman, Alex C Ferrill, John Keabler

The Book of Ruth by Joseph Samuel Wright
Directed by by Laura Pruden
Mary Baynard and Alexandra Perlwitz

Moving Pictures by Matt Jordan
Directed by Lori KeeAndrew McLarty, David Meyers, Julian Elfer, Emily Cannon- Brown and Randall Rodriguez

The Last Truce by Janet Bentley
Directed by Lori Kee
Skyler Gullun and Marcus Crawford Guy

Impasto by Michael Puzzo
Directed by Frank Licato
Kevin Cristaldi, Racine Russell, Joe Stipek

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