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Hosted by Michael Karp
Lighting Design by Dan Stearns
Stage Manager: Ashley Koenig

This Round's On Us: Independence Day (2012)

At The Gene Frankel Theatre 24 Bond Street  
July 22nd and July 23rd 2012 at 7pm and 9pm 

Fireworks, hotdogs, and American flags are how we usually celebrate our nation's independence, but once the Fourth of July barbecues are over come celebrate independence in its many other forms with NyLon Fusion Collective. From breaking free of the constraints imposed on us by society to breaking free of the constraints imposed on us by ourselves, the short plays in this festival explore the true meaning and humor of freedom and all the different ways we try, and sometimes fail, to achieve it.
Dead People by Lisa Reinke
Directed by Christopher Jenkins
Keslsey Mahoney, Sarah Doe Osborne,
Robert Dyckman, Alec Head. 

Even As I Go by Cassie C Seinuk
Directed by Christopher Randolph
Stephanie Heitman, Katherine Wessling
Directions by Penny Jackson
Directed by Jessica Creane
Laura Pruden, Sabina Maschi
The Schmerr Campaign by Joseph Samuel Wright
Directed by Christopher Jenkins
Heather Sabella, Laura Killeen
French Waitress by John Patrick Shanley
 Directed by David Triacca
April Von Eckfeld, Dave Hanson, Ivette Dumeng 
The Pursuit of Happy Endings by Jack Karp
Directed by Lori Kee
John Keabler, Mack Exilus, JJ Condon

Emancipation by Matt Crowley
Directed by Matt Crowley
Christopher Randolph, Thomas Wesson
Youth Hostel by Alisha Silver
 Directed by Lori Kee
Malcolm Madera, Kyle DeSpiegler
Kicking It by Cassie M Seinuk
Directed by Cristopher Jenkins 
Jacob Troy, Kaia Foss, 
Poland by John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Kelly Johnston
Jade Lane and Andy English
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