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Lighting Design: Lucky Gilbert Pearto
Sound Design: Andy Evan Cohen


Dia De Los Muertos (2014)

October 19-20 at 7pm and 9pm.
Hosted by Craig muMs Grant
At the Gloria Maddox Theatre on 151 W 26th 7th Fl. 

Damn Spot by Alex Dremann 
Directed by Laura Pruden 
Mike Roche and Amber Bogdewiecz

Who do? by Joseph Samuel Wright
Directed by Joan Kane
Pooya Mohseni, Crystal Edn, Russell Jordan
and Ernestine Brower

Sit Down, Daisy By Grant MacDermott
Directed by Christopher Randolph
Lily DePaula, Daniel Deutsch and Alex C. Ferrill

Humans Can Lick, Too by Matt Crowley
Directed by Malachy Silva & Greg Kanyicska 
Anthony Aibel*, Francis Shanley, and David Potters

The Secret Keeper by David Meyers 
Directed by Ivette Dumeng
Bianca Nejat and Al Nazemian


The Phoenixes by Abby Rosebrock 
Directed by Janet Bentley
Mariel Matero Donelly, Lori Kee, Christina Toth, Eric Rice, Andy Cohen, Tommy Buck

Dynamite and Sassy Pants by Laurie Allen
Directed by Crystal Edn
Michael Karp and Margo Goodman

(Based on A Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale) 
By James McLindon
Directed by Lori Kee
Jacob Troy, Randall Rodriguez, Deborah Rayne, Nora Munde and Janet Bentley

Astronaut by Mike Meadors 
Directed by Ivette Dumeng
Joshua Hinck and Bear

Gris Gris by Craig muMs Grant
Directed by Lori Kee
Kara Young, Allison Faye Zajac-Batell, and Reuben Barsky


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