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This Round's On Us:
Time Travel 30's-40's (2015)

 World-Premiere new plays by Don Nigro and Michael Puzzo with Shirley King, Sarah Bowden, Dawn Schluetz, Joseph Samuel Wright, Jenny Seidelman, Vincent Amelio, Marcus Anthony, Louis Lippa, Adam Sullivan, Ed Malin! 

June 27-28 


7PM Show
Time Fixers by Adam Sullivan 
Directed by Lori Kee
Josh Marcantel, Skyler Gullun, Tommy Buck*
and Janet Bentley

Batter up A Play About Baseball or Baking 
by Sarah Bowden 
Directed by Ivette Dumeng
Molly Collier, Toby McDonald and Zach Miko

 In Uniform by Dawn Schluetz 
Directed by Joan Kane
Jenny Green, Mike Roche, Ed Setrakian*, Evan Silverman

Name Calling is for Nazis by Joseph Samuel Wright 
Directed by Montserrat Mendez Justin Nastro, Lori Kee* and Kara Young

The Barber Shop by Jenny Seidelman
Directed by Frank Licato
Robert Furano

Curse of the Wolfman by Don Nigro 
Directed by Lori Kee
Daniel Deutsch, Mary Tierney*, Alexandra Perlwitz, Curtis James Nielsen and Brian Linden*

Hot summer In The City by Shirley King
Directed by Wendy Mae Shelton
Mary Baynard, Eric Percival, Julian Elfer* and Rob Brinkmann

Strike by Marcus Anthony
Directed by Denise Rogers Asst Dir. Greg Kanyicska
Ian Campbell Dunn, Javan Nelson and Mary Monahan

Bonnie and Clyde Encounter by Vincent Amelio
Directed by Janet Bentley
Margaret Ladd*, Dave Meyers, Alex C Ferrill*
and Taylor Graves

The Welfare Lady by Louis Lippa
Directed by Helen Huff
Victoria Scott, Ella Dershowitz and Regina Gibson 

Mickey Mao by Ed Malin 
Directed by Lori Kee
Andy Evan Cohen

5 Sandwiches by Michael Puzzo
Directed by Glory Kadigan 
Tyler Gardella, Craig muMs Grant,
Mateo Moreno and Ed Jewett*

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