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ray gun say0nara

by Steven Tenney

Buck Law helms a dark-ops sci-fi adventure. Mission: to extract Brad Mayhem from an alien world he has inadvertently turned into a never-ending Princess Prom. With original songs and score to accompany the existential crises.

And the Chūkai-sha is an elegant, suave, croupier. A gentleman’s gentleman.
Phil Socket is an engineer of sorts (in the future). He is somewhat reserved and cerebral in his approach to situations.
Brad Mayhem an Immortal Benificent Being, created by the Nadirians to benefit Earth but mistakenly confined to Newsylvia

ray gun say0nara loads-in November 25th

Previews November 31st 

Closes December 22nd

at The New Ohio Theatre

154 Christopher Street NYC 


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