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This Round's On Us:

Redacted Festival-

The C-Word

HOSTED by Nicole Aiken and Mateo Moreno!

What is forbidden? What should be covered up? What do we conceal and what do we reveal? What kind of trail of evidence do we want to leave behind? What can't we express in words?

A Clean Dislike by Alex Dremann
Directed by Andrew Block
Jill Bianchini and Catherine Frels

Did You See? by Kara Cutruzzula
Directed by Laura Pruden
Michael DeBartolo and Akyiaa Wilson

Evil People by Michael DeBartolo
Directed by Francisco Solorzano
Sky Lakota - Lynch
and Andrew Maclarty

The Decapitation of Thomas Kent by Michael Hagins
Directed by Gregg Pica
Brad Fryman and Robert McEvily

A Different Landscape by Barbara Lindsay
Directed by Melissa Skirboll
Stephanie Heitman and Brennan Taylor

Hitch by James McLindon
Directed by Ivette Dumeng
Josh Sienkiewicz and Meghan St. Thomas

Ditmas by Glenn Alterman
Directed by Joan Kane
Debra Khan-Bey and Julian Wolfe

Soon to Rot by Jacob Marx Rice
Directed by Lori Kee
Jacob Troy and Alexandra Perlwitz

Violet by Jacqueline Wright
Directed by Lori Kee
Nikita Tewani and Taylor Graves

The Word is Not The Thing
by Bob Kolsby
Directed by Janet Bentley and David Elliott
Michael Roche, Marcus Sotomayor, and Danielle Beckmann

The Encounter by Michael Panes
Directed by Janet Bentley
Maiken Weise and Alex C. Ferrill
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