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This Round's On Us:

Making Sense Festival-

Can You See Me? 

HOSTED by Randall Rodriguez and Mariel Matero

Technological advances have always been a part of life from the wheel, loom, and engine to the computer, internet and now virtual reality.  Most of these we can say with certainty aided us in our lives and helped make the world a better place.  But with the increased reliance on (and use of) technology, have we lost a bit of what makes us human and binds us together?

Oct 5-6 at 7PM and 9PM

his Round's On Us: Making Sense - Can You SEE Me? Featuring John Patrick Shanley — OCTOBER 5TH and 6TH at
@Tada Theatre and Dance - 15 West 28th Street.

New plays by Patrick Gabridge, Cassie Seinuk Yasmine Lever, Dave Hanson, Michael Hagins, Matthew McLachlan, Nick DeSimone, Eugenie Carabatsos!

Hosted by Randall Rodriguez and Mariel Matero

The Retriever by Patrick Gabridge
Directed by Vincent Marano
Bailey Newman and Max Rhyser

No One Talks About It: Lactation Play by Cassie M. Seinuk
Directed by Susan Tenney
with Julia Kelly, Maria Paz Alegre

Love and Shit by Yasmine Lever
Directed by Ivette Dumeng
Erika Santuousso and JJ Condon

Thank You For Letting Me Have Sex With You by Dave Hanson
Directed by Evgenia Radilova and Ivette Dumeng Nicolas DiPierro and Jeanine Bartel

Man Bites Dog by Michael Hagins
directed by Janet Bentley
James B Kennedy and Heinley Gaspard

Online Dates Are Hard To Handle by Matthew McLachlan
Directed by Monserrat Mendez
with Michael Roche and Ben van Berkum

The Michael Jackson Story by Nick DeSimone
Directed by Mazin Akar and Bryan Hamilton
Jill Bianchini and David Anzuelo

Second Look by Patrick Gabridge
Directed Ben Gougeon
Adam Belvo and Mazin Akar

The Night Sky by Eugenie Carabatsos
directed by Lori Kee
Crystal Edn and Daniel Lugo

Japanese Porno by John Patrick Shanley
Directed by Lori Kee and David Elliott
James Andrew O'Connor, Ivette Dumeng
and Eric Svensden

Poster by Greg Kaye and logo by Janet Bentley
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